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Here comes another Batch!

This month was a busy month with exams, paper corrections and preparations for the new batch. Students were found busy studying for their course-end exams. Facilitators took extra efforts to make them ready to face the exams successfully. Essay writing and grammar lessons were conducted as revision classes to help them for this purpose. The students faced the exams well and for the much delight of all the facilitators, all of them got through the exams.

Thereafter, the preparations for the new batch began. Systematic planning and the introduction of the calendar system were focal points of these preparations. Banners and posters were displayed at public places to attract students for the new batch. Photography and Pooverasankulam practical site were the other new initiatives of the month.

Identity Cards were prepared for all the facilitators, children and the students. This initiative brought clarity to the functioning of the Campus. Pooverasankulam practical site started functioning from the beginning of the month. Every Saturday a senior facilitator and a diploma student conducted classes at the site.        With the help of the students, the Campus was made attractive by planting saplings. These activities definitely would bring eco-awareness to the students. Classes at Ganeshapuram Practical Site are also conducted as usual.

The Microsoft Office Package title was renamed as Computer Application Assistant in order to receive the government approval for the NVQ Level 3. Computer Graphic Designing Course was temporally suspended due to lack of applicants. The facilitator in charge of the course, Mr Danstan has expressed his decision to leave the staff due to a personal reason. Thus, the number of the external staff has gone down to six.

Public Speaking Classes were conducted to all the students as common sessions to improve in their speaking abilities. Students courageously came forward to face the challenges of stage fear. Campus and the students are ever ready to plunge into deep study in the days to come.

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