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From the East


The Centre continues its classes for the children in the afternoons and the evening. The children show great enthusiasm and ea-gerness to learn English and acquire new skills that will be very useful for them in future. The children are more receptive and the Centre feels that learning English needs to be initiat-ed from a younger age. It would better facilitate the process of acquiring the skills in English.

The facilitators spent a considerable number of days in preparing for the new batch starting from September 2017. The new textbook for the JWL Glob-al English programme was studied by the staff and a number of strategies creat-ed in implementing the methodology introduced in the text books. The need to contexualise the textbooks and the need to be flexible in following the textbooks was highlighted. The facili-tators need to transcend beyond the textbooks in trying to understand the situation of the students who come to the Centre to learn.

The new courses offered at the Centre was advertised in the Trincomalee town . Through a number of ways, the information about the courses offered at the Cen-tre has been circulated and made know to those who might be interested.

The Centre and the team of facilitators eargerly await the arrival of students dur-ing the first week of Sep-tember. The Centre hopes to reach out to many stu-dents in and around Trin-comalee through the aca-demic programmes offered at the Centre.

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