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Art is a Language

dsc09055Art is an expression of the human experience. Art is the language of an artist. We can understand that language while seeing the works of art. At this point we need to understand what works of art are? It includes painting, sculpture, video art, printmaking etc.

Although I know about other forms, I know very well about painting, sculpture and printmaking. Because I’m an artist. Art has its own language. I don’t think these artistic languages work exactly like spoken or written language. It’s not linear and doesn’t mean thing in the same way. Besides, painting is the most powerful medium than sculpture. Because painting attracts people and it means a lot to each person. I did finish some paintings. I have a unique touch in my paintings. But I give freedom for others to interpret it the way they like.

I like to share how I used painting as my language. All my paintings are the effects that create changes in human life specially the opinion of a person on other person for the purpose of expressing them like human faces, lotus bud, abstracting human body, nails, collected of clouds I have used. I have shown human head in two forms. It is commonly known that a person has two faces. I do not come here to argue whether it is true or false. Everyone has his own opinion of another person. We often make an opinion of a person based on information from another person. They may give true or false information.

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I have noted in my painting that it is a wrong approach. I used nails in heads in painting. I used several colored nails to show it. My opinion is the opinion of the viewers when they see colored nails. I show the nails without giving much pain to them. But it will be painful for the viewer’s minds. So don’t judge anyone without knowing about them by yourself.

And if anyone judge you like it, don’t get upset. Art has a great advantage as a language. Artists use it. They say something new to the society. In painting every color has a meaning. If you like art, you will like my paintings too.

Sasidharan Kirubairajah (EFL Intermediate)