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The Day I met Him

angelin-intermediateLife is full of unexpected experiences. No one knows what will happen at any moment. These unexpected experiences happen when we meet a person. In my life I meet a person in the most unexpected manner.

Last year during Christmas our church organized a program to help poor people, elders and disabled. The youth members planned to have a program in an orphanage. It was in Kandy. Early morning we took all the necessary things and started our journey to Kandy. We reached Kandy at 9.o’clock. Then we started our programmme.

We sang songs, danced and acted dramas. We had lunch. Then we distributed things to people. I enjoyed that day. Then we returned to Vavuniya. At that time our bus broke down. So some boys helped to repair the bus. I saw a beautiful church in the opposite side of the road. I went to that church. It was beautifully decorated with light bulbs.

But nobody was in that church. It’s too cool and silent. I heard music. One boy played the guitar. He was handsome and smart. I was impressed with him. Suddenly I heard a sound. So he stopped his music. Some children lit firecrackers and enjoyed. The firecrackers and light bulbs were too colorful. It was like heaven. I felt that I saw a handsome boy in heaven. Suddenly one thing crossed my mind, ‘Marriage are fixed in heaven’. I laughed and saw my bus but it was not there. Then I realized that I had missed my bus. I was frightened. I started to cry. That boy asked what happened to you? I said all what happened. He spoke very softly. He took me in his car and we followed my bus. Finally I caught up with my bus.

But I didn’t say thanks to him. This is my unforgettable moment in my life. I missed him. I didn’t see such a nice person again. I am waiting to meet him.

Angelin Parameswaran (EFL Intermediate)