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Youth and Facebook


If you ask anyone, ‘Do you have a bank Account?’ the answer would be ‘NO’. But if you ask, ‘Do you have a Facebook Account?’ the answer often is ‘YES’ (with laughter). Facebook is a social medium. Some also use it for their personal purposes. Most of the people are addicted to Facebook. They spend their time on FB. It has so many advantages and disadvantages. We can find our old friends and relatives on FB and chat with them. We can gain more knowledgeable from FB and we can play games. If we like news we can got more news from that and etc. These are some of the advantages. There are so many disadvantages for the youth. They often used it only for chatting.

Many people create fake IDs on Facebook and cheat others including girls. If you ask anyone if they have cheated others they would say it is only for fun. What is the fun in it?? Some commit suicide due to issue relating to Facebook. Often they change their profile picture and wait for ‘Likes’. If the ‘Likes’ decreases they get angry. Some are interested in updating their status on FB. Often they mention what are they doing and etc. I don’t know what benefit one can get from it. Next issue is comments. If anyone adds a photo on FB others comment on it. If someone writes a bad comment it could lead to fight.

In this world most of them are addicted to alcohol, drugs and others are addicted to FB. These are some of the disadvantages. Every one knows that Facebook is a social media. So we have to use it within those limits. I kindly request youth to develop a brighter future instead of wasting time on Facebook.

Jeyaram Sri baskaran (Pre-intermediate)