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Learning to treat women with respect


Women are also gifts from God. They are the symbol of independence, love, caring, gentleness and intensity both in love and in hate. Women are emotionally stronger than men. Women have not been often treated well by men. They have been denied their rights and opportunities. Most of the girls are made housewives and mothers.

Society makes the excuses using religion to prevent girls from studying. Girls who are well educated make better wives and mothers than uneducated women. Another problem is the system of dowry. The groom’s family demands a sum of money from the bride’s family. If the father is unable to pay, the bride will usually marry another one. So, she is mentally and physically affected. Sometimes girls commit suicides.

They are not allowed to go to work. Sometimes husbands also become jealous because the wife earns better than him. Man prevents her freedom. They also face problems in getting a better position at office where they are competing with men. Nowadays we want to give freedom for women and respect them. Men and women both have same feelings. Hence, don’t ignore them.

Julogini Varatharasan (EFL Intermediate)