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Relationships build lives


Most people want to live a better life. So they form relationships with other people. They are family members or close friends. There are various reasons why people get connected and form relationships. Those reasons are by blood, by work, by marriage and by friendship. Relationships give meaning to our life. But some people need relationships for emotional support, care, love , protection and affections.

In good relationships people are happy, healthy, respected and peaceful. In good relationships people encourage each other. But it is not an easy task to built good relationships. It takes a long time to construct them.

The most important key to maintaining a healthy relationship is to love and care. This includes successful communication or sharing of ideas, feelings and things between those in a relationship. People need to try new things together. We should work as a team and help each other to create new things and memories.

Many relationships are formed out of respect and trust. We can become satisfied with our lives by supporting our family members at all times. Most of the relationships break because of misunderstanding among the parties. Sometimes we need to keep quite and listen to others’ ideas and feelings.

When people hear the name relationship they always think of having boy friends or girl friends. But having a good relationship with our family is very important. Because definitely we can trust our family and they are always tell us the truth and they always support and encourage us in difficult situations.

If anyone says that she did not have a relationship then she will be a boring person. Relationships give you the chance to interact with people. Doctors say that relationships will reduce stress and make us healthy people. Relationship is a necessary and fundamental part of life. It is the path to success. Relationships keep us alive.

Angelin Parameswaran (EFL Intermediate)