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Becoming better husbands and wives


Family is the basement of a good country. In order to change your country, one has to make one’s family better. When a man and a woman get married, there the family is created. The man takes his role as a “husband” and a woman takes her role as a “wife”. They need to make themselves happy and create a good family in the society. They need to know how to live with each other, how to make a better family, how to build good relationships, how to be good parents for their children and how to guide their children in a good way.

A good husband is a friend. He is the backbone of his family by providing them with nurturing care, love and bringing them happiness. The husband should attempt to show his tenderness. He should realise the importance of sharing duty of responsibility of parenthood because it takes two people working together to make a relationship work. Perform one act of kindness everyday. Husband has to show kindness and express thoughtful compliments. A Husband can do different things for example bringing nice flowers on wife’s birthday. But doing a few things on the other days will make his wife feel special, too. A husband can help the kids and assist in homework, preparing her favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner. Better husbands are always the best friends of their wife.

A good wife is a second mother to every man. She is the soul of a family. She wants to leads her family in a good way. When a woman takes the role of wife, she has to sacrifice many things. She needs to build a better communication with her husband. She needs to listen to what he says. A good wife always gives respect to her husband. She imagines that her children to be “prince” and “princess”. She never compares her children with other’s children. She gives love to her husband and children. She makes her husband and children feel that she is the best wife and mom. When a woman acts in this fashion she will feel complete. She can shared everything with her husband; make her husband to be a great person in the society.

If you become a better husband or a wife, you can avoid some issues, such as anger, being in competition, laziness, being addicted to internet or television. We can try to spend time with our family. Always forgive and forget. Become a better husband or a wife and make our life fabulous.

Thiyahini Jebarasa (EFL Intermediate)