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When I was Cheated


I’m going to tell about people who are dangerous. They are the ones who can cheat professionally? They never make mistakes. But if we looked at them carefully, we can catch or hit the nail on their head and guess who she or he is.

People cheat for money, a job, for relatives and mostly for other deceitful activities. If you haven’t experienced it yet, there’s a good chance that you eventually will. I’m sure we can identify such people every day wherever we are. Sometimes we give opportunity to cheat. They cheat our trust. However, I didn’t mean that it’s our mistake. But we have to identify who is trying to cheat us while acting in a good way in public.

I’m telling about it confidently, because it happened in my life. The person was very talented. I saw her and I thought that she was good and friendly with all. I had never seen any girl like her. So I felt she was a good friend. After a few days she talked with me as her best friend. She talked with everybody in a very close manner and I never thought ill about her behaviour. One day she tried to be very close and she said I have never talked like this to anyone.

Then I identified about her character. Hence, I found that she used to cheat others the same way. She is the one and only cheating master in my life. If I said it to my friends, they would have doubted me and not her. Because all of them are under her control. They all feel that she was a great person and very open minded. But that’s not the truth.

So after that I knew well about her and I stopped and left the friendship. The cheater generally acts differently in front of others. They try to be very close to you. They can cheat us but they can’t change our good character. If you were cheated in the past, perhaps it would be wise to start by clarifying you boundaries. The cheating person uses different patterns. Some pretend to be open-minded. If we forgive such people they will never stop their cheating pattern and they will try this other people. We have to make their behavior public and then only they will stop it. Don’t cheat anyone but do something good for someone and it will be a really rewarding experience.

K Sasitharan (Intermediate)