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A Life of Service and in Search of Joy

StudentPortrait_01Everyone is born with lots of dreams. They dream about their future and goals everyday. Dreams always make us to search for our destination. Human beings expect to make their dreams come true. Every success story depends on a specific dream that is like a pillar for our aims in life. It always determines how we are going to live in the future. Whether people are educated or not, they have dreams. Some people don’t realize their dreams. Some others try to discover what kind of dreams they have. Most of the people don’t have the opportunity to achieve their dreams. But some people discover different ways in order to realize their dreams.

I don’t have a specific dream but I like to do something in my life. I think it might be my dream. One of my dream is sharing my knowledge with others especially with children. Some people think sharing knowledge is an easy task to do. But they don’t know the type of difficulties teachers face. They spend their life for the society. They are always like a foundation for others to achieve their goals. That is one of the main reasons I chose this field. This is also my passion. I just want true happiness through my dreams. I feel happy spending time with my students. They always make me happy and I feel better. They are very intelligent.

Another dream of mine is to find a place to live with people who like me truly. I don’t expect a paradise because God has already given a wonderful paradise to live. I just have to find out where it is. It should be surround by flowers, pets, animals, birds and should be more natural. I love everything with wings as I want fly to each and every place. If I don’t have wings I might not find a better place. And my dream is to see and feel snow. I hope one day my dreams will come true.

I want to help others. We believe we are on this earth to help others. Some people need help and encouragement to find their dreams. So we need to achieve our dreams together. We should help to others to find their dreams too.

Premini Karunanithi (EFL Upper-Intermediate)