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When they kidnap the wrong Bride …

SulaxshiI recently watched the movie ‘Vetrivel’. I saw it one month ago. I like the actor Sasikumar. Thats why I saw this movie. In the movie a brother attempts to get his younger brother married to the girl he loves by kidnapping her. But the plan goes wrong and results in a messy situation. The main characters are Sasikumar, Pirabu, Nikila, Miya George, Viji Chandrasekar, Ananth Nag, Varsha, Ilavarasu, and Renuka.

The film begins through a recollection from the past where a man commits suicide because he looses in election. So his wife gets angry with her brother Pirabu. Sasikumar’s brother loves Prabu’s daughter. But Pirabu didn’t accept their love affair. At the same time Sasikumar loves Miya, who works in an agricultural college. Pirabu has already arranged a wedding for his daughter. So they decide to kidnap the girl. But they kidnapped another girl. And it happened to be Latha, who is betrothed to Arul , the son of Pirabu’s sister.

The problem starts here. At the end Pirabu agrees for the wedding. Sasikumar starts to live wiith Latha. All of them live happily. Every character is well fleshed out and it is quite interesting to see how situations keep getting out of the characters hand.

Sulaxcy Poologasingam (Pre-Intermediate English)