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Unforgettable days in my life



I studied from grade six to eleven in Ilavalai convent. When I was waiting for my O/L results, my boarding mistress sent us to learn English course. One day we didn’t have the class. Then my friend and I planned to go to an ice-cream parlor. Then we went to the ice cream parlor and we enjoyed that morning in the ice cream parlor. Then we went to my house and ate kothuroti and had some fruits for dessert. Then we came to bus stand but we missed the bus at that moment.

Then we were frightened because the next bus will be coming at 2.0’clock. So we were on the road for some time. Suddenly one of my brother’s friend asked us “Do I have to help you?”

Then my brother said “yes”. Then he helped us by dropping to the nearest bus stop. Then we went to town by bus. When we were getting down from our bus one of our convent sister saw us but she didn’t ask anything. Then we went to our convent as usual. The sister who saw us had told to our boarding mistress. Then when we were having our lunch boarding mistress came and asked us “how was your class today?” Then we told we studied two stories. Then she asked us about it. Then we knew that the other sister has told then we said what happened today. Then our sister was angry with us. Then she stopped us from the class. During that holiday sister left us in different places. She left me in Varod. And she left my friend in Uduvil. In these places the differently able children were there. Then I was very afraid to stay with them. I told our sister, sister I won’t do anything without telling you. Then again she took me to Ilavalai convent but my friend was in Uduvil. She was very happy to stay with them. But in the evening our boarding mistress took her from Uduvil to Ilavalai by van. After this problem was solved we were very happy. Then again she left us to follow the english course. Those days were the unforgettable days in my life.


Anandharani (Intermediate)