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Pen is an instrument likes a stick. It has a thin pipe likes a tunnel and inside full of ink and top and bottom of the pen has a little pin. Ink comes through the small nibble. When we write on a paper, automatically  came out and it can write letters or any other symbol.

There are different colures of pens. Few of them are blue, black, red, green, pink  etc….. But commonly we use blue, black, and red pens for our writing.

There are different types of pens like bolt point pens, ink pens, gel pens, signature pens etc…… Ball point pen has a thick ink and ink pen has a liquid ink.

Pen is very use full for us. We can write anything using the pen. I feel it is like water. We can’t live without water.  Also we can’t work at offices or any other writing work without using pens.


Nimali Malalasekara. (Pre-Intermediate)