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Name of my country is SRILANKA capital city is colombo. The president is Mythiripalasrisena. There are three languages Tamil, Sinkala and English. Srilanka is a tourist country. It is surrounded by the ocean. Srilanka is a famous county in Asia, because it has natural beauty. There are 25 districts and 9 Providences. Srilanka education system is very good among Asia. Most of the foreign students came and study here. There are 2 harbors. One is in Colombo fort and other is inTrinco. Trico is a natural harbor. Its a famous tourist area.

 In northern province Jaffna is the capital. There are 5 million peoples staying. At the same time Srilanka’s overall population is 22.2 million. There are more traditional and cultural events like posen, vesak, new year and thaipongal (festivals) .+

I always love Srilanka. Its gives freedom for everyone. When we go abroad for work or study we can’t expert to live in like our country so all Srilankans should be happy staying in this Island. However we have to respect our mother country. East or west our country is the best.

Niranjan (Pre-Intermediate)