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My Best Friend.


          My best friend’s name is Theepthika. She respects teachers and her seniors. She is affectionate to her juniors. She is best dressed and a well-mannered girl. She gives respect and in return commands respect from others. She talks less but has the patience to listen to others. Whenever she talks she convinces others. She is a girl of few words. She is sympathetic and helpful to everybody. She is a good student and a dancer. Whenever there is no class she sits in the library and tries to go through all the new magazines and newspapers. When she finds nothing new she picks up some books of her choice, reads and makes notes. In the afternoon she is always in the field either playing netball, badminton or volley ball. She is equally dedicated to her games and her studies.

           I’m always welcomed to her home even by her parents. Her parents are very simple and affectionate. Theepthi is very devoted to her parents and looks after her father’s guests respectfully. Her mother is very good in cooking and she always makes me eat before i leave their house. During vacations whenever our hostel mess is closed i am allowed to eat outside. I visit them regularly as a member of the family. Whenever I miss my own parents I go there and get every thing I could get at my village.

 Mathumitha (Pre-Intermediate)