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How I Spend My Leisure Time


How I Spend My Leisure Time

Leisure time is important for all people. It helps them to relax. Relaxation is necessary for good health. I enjoy reading books and magazines, collecting stamps post card, pictures, playing carom and badminton and do gardening. Reading books and magazines helps to develop my knowledge as well as my thinking ability.

Collecting pictures, stamps, postcards have very deep meaning. I can get knowledge about extra things. They always motivate me to become a good and an educated person. It helps me to understand myself and other people. Playing carom develops my concentration ability. Badminton is good for my health, especially my nervous system. In afternoon between 4.00 p.m to 6.00 p.m I engage in gardening and watching TV. These activities help me to relax. I usually take up interesting work in leisure time. All these activities keep me happy.

Sandali Kulathunge (Pre-Intermediate)