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Books & Discipline





‘Books’ are the store of knowledge and wisdom. They contain variety of information. Reading books makes our mind strong and broaden our outlook. Reading of books gives us a great pleasure. They are the best friends of man.Through books we come to know our civilization. Through books we come into contact with great scholars, poets and philosophers. Books never misguide us. They help us in building our character. By reading books our sadness is removed. If we are on a long journey, books give us a good company. Everyone, therefore, should develop the habit of reading books.


Discipline to me means self control. Self control is a characteristic that comes with wisdom and maturity.  we can learn this at home, at school, in the military, and even in the workplace. Without discipline, self control, the world would be in chaos. If we learn the qualities, human kind will become better. Discipline must be acquired early in life for success to follow. If parents do not discipline their children, then the children will have no idea how to behave in school. That makes it difficult for the teacher as well as the student. If discipline is not learned, the student will continually encounter difficulties in school which will carry over into their adult life.