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Uses of Water

Wordpress_HirujaWater is very important for our life. There are many types of water in the world. People get water from the sea, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, ponds, and wells. Water is God’s gift. This gift of nature is given to us. Water is found everywhere. This water mainly comes from rain. Water has no smell, no taste, and no colour. We cannot live without water.

Water is helpful to us always. Water is very important for the Earth. All animals and all plants must have water to survive. People have many other uses of water such as cooking, washing, drinking, bathing, swimming, etc. Water is very useful for our body. The farmers need water for crops or plants. Many people don’t get water. 75% of the human body is water. 10% of U.S. water systems fail routine testing. More than 3,000 new chemical compounds are released into the environment every year.

Everyone wants to use water everyday. Because without water we cannot survive in the world. Not all people waste water. Water is used for many human needs, but we must use water carefully. All people want to save rain water. There are many countries where there is a shortage of water. Polluted water can cause many diseases in the world. We can achieve many benefits by saving water. So, all people should use water always carefully.

S. Hiruja (Intermediate)