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A Letter to My Future Self


Dear Niranjini,
I hope you are doing well. How is your family? I write this letter for you. I hope that you will get this letter ten years later.
I know you are an ambitious girl and a hard-worker. You want to be an accountant in your future. You are getting a Higher National Diploma in Accountancy now. First, congrats for that.
I want to give one advice, not more. It will help you with your future activities. You must develop your skills. Because, nowadays, the modern world wants skills more than knowledge. So, you must develop your skills with your studies. One day you will realize that.
I want to see your success only. I support you always. My wishes are always with you.
After ten years, all your dreams will come true. All the best. Have the best future. God bless you always.
Thank you.
Yours truly,
Anne Niranshani (Pre-Intermediate)