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StudentPortrait_19Water is very important for humans, birds, animals, etc. All living beings need water. We can live for a few days without food. But, we can’t live without water. We find water as a liquid in rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, and seas. It is found as a solid in ice form and as a gas in vapor and clouds.

We need water for our daily activities such as bathing, cooking, washing, etc. Water is essential for agricultural purposes too. If there is no water, we can’t grow any food or plants. Water is needed to run power plants. So, it is essential for industry too. We should always try to conserve water. If we must use water in our daily activities, we must not waste water. We must not pollute it.

Water pollution can cause many problems when industrial waste, like oil, is released in the waterways. Sometimes people dump garbage in the waterways. So, people face many problems. Please don’t pollute the water. People must have good and fresh health. So, let us all try to save the water.

M. Kavusika (Pre-Intermediate)