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The Internet

StudentPortrait_50The Internet is a basic need of the young generation today. Youth can survive without food but, they can’t survive without the Internet. It is a strong addiction for the youth. It is good and bad.

Initially, the Internet was not so popular but after the growth of mobile technology the Internet has become a basic need of people around the world. The Internet is something which is used nowadays. The Internet is advantageous if we use it for good purposes.

People get everything from the Internet : online shopping, online chatting, online banking, etc. Everything can be gained by using the Internet anywhere at anytime. Distance education is also an advantage of the Internet. People can be taught in rural areas where there are no teachers available. Student in villages can learn through the Internet. Everything has become online today, there is not even a need to go outside for food. Using the Internet, we can order food as well. So, it has lots of advantages.

Every coin has two sides and it’s the same for the Internet too. Internet is very disadvantageous for who use it for bad purposes. Hacking, shipping, fishing, and cyber-crime are taking place just because of the Internet.

So, if the thing is available for two purposes then we should always look for the positive one. If we use it positively we can increase our knowledge and earn money too. Information can be easily retrieved by using it. Internet is a boost for those who use it for positive purposes.

N. Sangeerthana (Intermediate)