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Importance of Education

Wordpress_PriyatharshaniEducation is not learning from a book. It includes social learning and life experiences. Education  is not only the teacher the student, but all of the people. For example, family (father, mother, sisters, brothers).

Education is important for life because it gives skills to the people in the world. Educated people can read, write, and communicate. Education also teaches people about the world. People think of solutions to help improve education.

How can education empower people? I believe everyone can receive education one day to empower the world. If one person studies very well then their family will be very empowered. Then one village of many families can empower each other then the village empowers the country all because of education. So, one day I will be empowered by education and be an intelligent person.

Priyatharshani (Pre-Intermediate)