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StudentPortrait_28The environment is a gift for everyone. The environment is very important to us. Many things are in the environment. The environment gives many benefits. But, our environment is destroyed by our activities. We put waste in the waterfalls, we burn waste, we use many fuels, and we cut the trees. These activities are destroying our environment. These activities are done by us. So, we must protect the environment. How can we protect our environment?

The first step is to grow many trees, flower plants and vegetable plants. If we do this work, our environment will protect us. Next, we decrease our use of polyethylene. Then, we recycle things. Then, we protect our waterways. Water is an important thing for us. If we live in our environment, we should protect our waterways.

At this time, our climate is very bad. This time is the hottest time. Many greenhouse gases have spread to our environment. Greenhouse gases have a very dangerous effect for us. So, if we do these activities to protect, we will keep our environment safe and we can live in our environment very happily.

J. Karthika (Pre-Intermediate)