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StudentPortrait_01I am not going to tell “don’t cut the trees.” But, I strongly advise if you cut the trees you should replant a tree in the same place or other places. Deforestation means cutting or burning or finishing the forest. Humans are so selfish because they cut the trees only for their needs. They don’t care about the natural environment.

Trees are very useful for animals because they can’t build houses like humans. They depend on the forest for their survival. It is used for food, medicine, agriculture, fuel, building houses and paper production.

The world population is increasing rapidly. Now the world population is over 7.4 billion. When population increases, people’s needs also increase. They want land for agriculture, to make cities, to build houses, for commercial uses and for a better life. The increase of population is one of the major problems that increases deforestation.

When we cut trees they create many harmful effects. For example, animals lose their homes, the climate changes, the environment’s temperature increases, global warming makes a hole in the ozone layer, the sea level rises, the ice melts, and natural disasters increase like storms, floods, droughts, etc.

The forest provides a better life for humans. Because it gives fresh and healthy oxygen, and it protects soil from soil erosion. Trees reduce the amount of CO2, and greenhouse gasses like CH4, CFC and N2O. Forests help reduce the environment’s temperature and protect the water cycle and food chain. Without plants there is no water, no air, no animals, no wood, no medicine, and no rain. We can’t imagine being without these things on the Earth. So, we can’t live without the forest.

Sri Lanka is a developing country. We have to develop more and more. So, they destroy the natural forest for their development process. But, if we cut the trees without government permission we will go to the jail. If we develop our country we should think about sustainable development because we are not the only living things on the Earth. Our future generation also wants to live on this planet. When we use natural resources, we should save them for our future generations. So, when we cut the trees we must replant in the same place or other places.

Premini Karunanithy (Intermediate)