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Challenges of Online Education

StudentPortrait_17Most students like to study via online in today’s world because online education programs have created many opportunities.

However, online education students face many challenges.They feel alone, because students miss their personal contact with other friends. They can only get to know other students through e-mail and groups. But,students that take classes in person spend a lot more time with friends and lecturers. However, everyone does not have the opportunity to speak out. And also many students agree that participating in online learning is more limiting than in the regular classroom.

Through online education social interaction would be very limited. Because students can’t share their experiences with each other. Also, not all students learn at the same time or place via online discussions.

An online learning environment does not encourage students to participate more. If you want to get notes or information, you will not get study materials consistently. Also, some online education courses are not recognized systems by universities.

Therefore, online education has many challenges. So, regular education methods are better than online education.

J. Nilakshana (Pre-Intermediate)