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The Internet

StudentPortrait_49The Internet is so far one the greatest innovations in the world. The people can shop in online stores and communicate with family and friends by using the Internet. There are a lot of advantages and some disadvantages of the Internet.

First, an advantage is communication. The Internet helps people talk easily with others because it is cheap and convenient. Second, an advantage is sharing. If we want to tell our friends about any information, we can share music and videos. Also, it is used for entertainment.This is one of the major reasons why many people use the Internet. We can watch movies and listen to music, etc.

But, we can also use the internet in violent ways. This is a disadvantage of the Internet. Some people get addicted to the Internet. It is easy to waste a lot of time on the Internet. The Internet is not free. If we do not require it for getting information, it is a waste of money. Finally, we want to use for good.

V. Thanusiyan (Pre-Intermediate)