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Mother’s Love

Wordpress_DanushaSanthakumarA mother is the first and the best friend of everyone’s life. Nobody can ever replace our mother in our life. Nothing in this world can compare to the true love and care of our mother. We see her from the first moment of our life when we open our eyes in this world. We feel nine months before that in her womb. She is our first love, first teacher, and first friend in this world.

A mother knows all of our reasons for happiness and sadness and tries to make us happy every time. True love’s other name is “mother.” The day we are born, our mother becomes really happy. She always shows her interest in our every activity. She has a selfless and very kind, full heart with lots of love and care.

A mother teaches us good behavior and good habits. She is the one who brings light to our life and removes all the darkness. She always encourages us to do hard works so we do not become helpless.

She is the true solution of all the small and big problems. She always takes our side and prays to God for our bright future. Sometimes we make her sad. But, there is a lot of sadness behind her always happy face which we need to understand and take care of her. We love our mother.

S. Danusha (Intermediate)