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If I Could Change the World

StudentPortrait_01If I could change the world, I would change so many things. Because this world has an imbalance of resources. I want to change the world to be like heaven. People want to live peacefully and happily. But, on the Earth, some people live with money and others are very poor. In heaven, people can live without the poor or rich differentiation. At the same time, God is the only precious leader in heaven. We can live with God like his children.

I would change the humans to animals. Likewise, animals to humans. Because they will change the world differently. We learn something from animals. They use nature and depend on it. They never destroy nature. Humans should learn how to use and respect the natural environment without destruction. So, I will change humans to animals.

I would like to change the climate condition. Some countries are covered by desert. Africa and Arabic countries are very hot. The people’s lives are determined by the climate. Desert-side people live without resources to grow agriculture. So, they become very poor. I’ll change the desert and ice places to agricultural land. In Vavuniya some months we get high temperatures. So, I would change Sri Lanka to be like a snow climate forever. Because, I like to see and play in the snow.

Everyone should have the freedom to live in this beautiful planet. But, many people die, kill and some people are trying to fight for their religion, race, cast, or language. If I was a supreme power, I would reduce the human knowledge. When people increase their knowledge, they don’t care about others. They cause many problem in the world through their knowledge. So, everyone wants freedom for a peaceful life without hunger, poverty, terrorism or war.

Finally, changes only for me. I would increase my height. Because, some people call me “short girl.”I know I’m short. Sometimes it is good because they say, “you are younger than us, you are like a little one.” Sometimes it hurts me when they say “you are not like a 25 year-old girl. Eat more, you are thin.” They said like that. They know I can’t grow up. But why do people say like that? I hate it. Because some people are short and smart, some people are tall and strong. Usually, people are different sizes. But, people estimate by their physical characteristics. I should change this thing.

Another thing, I will change the education system so it is without homework and exams. Especially in the English subject. All the students will be happy when teacher does not give homework. I hate homework. It is good for students to study. But sometimes it is irritating. It’s a funny thing. Firstly, I’ll concern myself with homework so I can change it.

Finally, I should save the Earth for future generations. They want to live a peaceful life.

Premini Karunanithy (Intermediate)