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StudentPortrait_23The movie, which I watched is “How to Train Your Dragon.” The movie is based on Scandinavians and their life with dragons. The people are called “Vikings.” This tribe had a king, who had a son, whose name was Hiccup.

He was so weak. The king was so worried about his son. During one day Hiccup walked through a jungle. In there he saw a night fury dragon which was covered by a net. He went near the dragon and released it from the net. Then, Hiccup and the night fury were good friends. He loved the dragon very much. He called the night fury ‘Toothless’ and he discovered something to control a dragon with the help of Toothless.

One day, the king of tribe went to the island of dragons with their people to attack the dragons. But, they couldn’t find the place. So, they returned to their city sadly. Then, the king heard happy news that his son controlled the dragons. So, he wanted to examine his son. But, Hiccup can’t control the dragons in his final exams. From the beginning, he controlled the dragons with his love. But in the final exams people threw the weapons onto dragons. So, the dragon started to attack him. So, he shouted for help. Toothless arrived there and started to protect him.

But the people arrested Toothless and again they started to find the dragon’s island. Finally, they found the place with the help of Toothless and started to attack them. But, they couldn’t. At the same time, Hiccup instructed his friends how to control the dragons. And they came to the dragon’s island and protected their people from the dragons with the help of Toothless. Then, the people lived happily with dragons.

This movie made an impact in my life. It taught us we can change the world because of love. No one is useless. Everyone has a talent. We should respect others. Everyone needs love. Give your love to everyone. Don’t try to rule the world and do what you think. Give opportunities to everyone. Life is for living. Give a chance to everyone to live their own way.

Riyansiya Elango (Intermediate)