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StudentPortrait_28Computer is a very important tool today. Computer is a machine which processes, gets data, stores & designs. It has many characters. Charles Babbage is called the grandfather of the computer. Charles Babbage designed the first machanical computer. It was called analytical engine. Five computer generations of computer are in my country such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th generation computers. The first generation computer is a vacuum. The second generation computer is a transistor. The third generation computer is integrated circuit . The fourth generation computer is a micro processor. The fifth generation computer is an artificail  interlligence.

The computer machine has a monitor, a key board, a mouse and a central processing unit.The monitor displays all visuals in the screen. It is also called the visual display unit.The keyboard helps to type the letters,number and new functions. It is very important to the computer. Four main types of keys are in the keyboard such as data keys used to entering letters, numbers and punctuation marks, shift keys to produce capital letters, central keys to help point at the computer screen and function keys used to issue common commonds.

And the mouse is used to point at things.The central processing unit is the main part of the computer. It helps to operate and store the document.The future computers are smaller, faster and more powerful.Today computers are very important to every one. Every one must try to learn the computer studies because we get many advantages from the computer such as getting more informations, sharing information with other persons, saving the documents, downloading the documents through the internet, communicate with other persions and playing computer games

The usage of computers have both advantages and disadvantages . So all of us should try to receive the benifits from the computers and avoid the disadvantages . I truly say that the computer is very important in the modern world.

J Karthika (Pre-Intermediate)