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Wordpress_NimaliClock is a little form of a watch. Watch is small and clock is bigger than the watch. Clock has 12 numbers. It can shows time correctly. But it needs to have new batteries.

Clock has three arms. Two arms are of the same width, but one is longer than the other. The other arm is thinner and it is red colour. Short arm points to hours and long arm points to minutes and thin, red arm points to seconds.

Clocks come in different styles and different colours. Some of them are circular shape and some of them are squarish. Some of them are in the shape of a heart.

Some clocks have bells. Some clocks can be hung on wall, and it is called a wall clock. And some clocks can be kept on the tables, and they are called table clocks and normally we can use this table clocks for our daily alarms. The alarm clocks can change our daily routine. Clocks are very use full for our lives to manage our time.

Nimali Malalasekara (Pre-Intermediate)