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My Leisure Time Activity

StudentPortrait_21Different people have different hobbies in their life. Having a hobby is an essential thing for human life. Because, today all the people lead a hectic life. They have very little time to spend with their family. Therefore, they feel very lonely. Hobbies are very helpful to relax our mind and decrease our stress.

I have many useful activities to do in my leisure time, such as reading books, gardening, watching television etc. Among them reading is my favourite hobby. I started reading at an early age. In my childhood, my parents brought many little story books for me like ambulimama, kokulam and chutti vikadan. I read all these books very curiously.

Once, Francis Backon has told “Reading makes a full man”. Really it’s a good expression about reading. Now I usually read news papers. I can know a lot of things by reading news papers. I know the current affairs of the world and my country, political news, sports news, business news and technological news through the news papers. These all help me to develop my knowledge.

I also read short stories, magazines and novels. They too give me good entertainment and pleasure. Reading books also helps in my studies. I can improve my knowledge by reading. Today, e-books also become a major role in higher studies. We can gain much useful information through them.

“Good books are good friends”. Books make our life more meaningful and they light our life. I love reading very much. I also welcome everyone to be good readers.

Suganiya Balakumar (Intermediate)