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StudentPortrait_24“Nothing is better than a friend who cares”. That is my one of my favourite sentence about friendship. It’s really true. After our parents, friends are important to us

Our life is empty without friends. We get friends at every stage. In our childhood we have lots of friends and when we grow up we get new ones. That is reality. They help us without any expectations.

If we are sad, friends make us happy. When we are with our friends, we can be like a child. “Everyone has a friend in every stages of their life. But only lucky ones have the same friend in all stages”. This sentence describes about the value of friendship. So I am a very lucky person. Because I have a friend like that.

Friendship is a nice feeling in the world. We can live without love or any other affair but we can’t live without friendship. They are not our family member but they are close to our hearts. They are ready to share our pains at every time.

Before some days, I saw a funny quote in social media. I want to share it. That is “We are best friends! Always remember that if you fall, I will pick you up after laughing”. That is one of the funny moments between friends life.

So we must understand the value of the friendship because friends can give us a beautiful life.

Anne Niranshani (Pre-Intermediate)