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Mobile Phones

StudentPortraits_20A mobile phone is a modern device of communication. Everyone use mobile phones without any age difference. It has many functions. They are calculator, stopwatch, torch, radio, calendar, notepad, games, camera, video etc. There are different kinds of mobile phones we use such as Nokia, LG, Samsung, i phone and etc.

The mobile phone has become a very essential service to both young and old. It is due to the modern scientific and technological development. We can do our work easily with mobile phones. The mobile phones are very small and portable. So we can take them with us and communicate with friends and family easily.

The mobile phone has many advantages and disadvantages. It is a device that can be used at anytime and anywhere. Messages can be sent and received in a very short time. We can get information from around the world using the internet in mobile phones. We can talk our relatives who are in abroad using Skype calls and video conferencing.

Among the disadvantages, children waste their time by watching films, playing games, browsing internet, and chatting on facebook. They spend a lot of time on it. So they can’t concentrate on their studies. Parents should be concerned about this matter. Parents should not allow the children to use mobiles all the time. In the modern world, mobile phones are very useful. So we must use them a correct way. We should not abuse these facilities.

Kisobika Yogalingam (Intermediate)