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Learning at Loyola Campus

Wordpress_DinaNirushanaToday, English is becoming an important language in Sri Lanka . In fact it has became already. In this regard many people face many chalenges in learning English . Because it is really difficult  to find a good teacher to teach us English . English is an international language and half of the world speak English .

In Sri Lanka there are three  types of languages we have. They are Tamil , Sinhala and English . But English is the general language and we use it as a common language. When we go for an interview, mostly we have to speak in English . If we know English during our interview, it will make a huge difference. That’s  why we have to learn English properly .

That’s the reason I was searching for a good  institution, and that time I heard about Loyola Campus. But first I thought that, ” it is also going to be like any  other  institution”, but when I joined and started learning English, I was really amazed.  The teaching methods,  made me speechless. That time I really  thought that Loyola campus is the one and only  best institution in the Northern  province . In my own experience , I think the students can speak good English after completing  the course  at Loyola campus. All the others can inquire  about it from me. I can say no other institution has teaching methods like Loyola Campus.

Loyola campus has devided  the students into Pre-Intermediate,  Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate.  And now they plan to  teach the students who are very week. It’s really a good idea. Because in vavuniya  most of students (not all ), don’t know  basic English . So it will help them most, and I appriciate  that person who thought about this. They  teach how to pronouns a letter or word one by one . Then help us with our hand writing and teach us how to read.

I think loyola campus has developed more than it was in 2015.  Because now I can see a library there and they increased their teaching method than in 2015. There is one more important thing that I have  to mention. It’s about Loyola Campus’ teachers . They are Thira  sir and Kathleen  mam .  There are very kind persons. From the beginning they teach extremely well. I can say that, if they weren’t  with me I would not be able to write an article like this. That’s the way they trained me.

I really enjoyed learning English at Loyola campus. I never forget  Loyola campus in my life time.

Dina Nirushana (Intermediate)