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My Family


My family is small. We are five members in the family. My parents, my sister, my brother and I are at home. My sister and brother are younger to me. My sister is in the eleventh standard and my brother is in the tenth standard. We study at the same school. But I have finished my A/Level examination in the last year. Now I am waiting to enter the university. My siblings go to school on foot together. The school is situated near the town.

My father is a businessman. He goes to work by Bike. When we are together we have lots of fun. My father tells us many jokes. His jokes are always fresh and new. My mother is serious. But she also joins in the fun. She is strict and affectionate. She is a housewife. She is a very kind person. She loves all the children. She can often be seen with them. She is always busy. My parents are loving and kind. They give us everything we want and deserve. I love my family.

M Kavusika (Pre-Intermediate)