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Wordpress_BalakumarIndia is the world’s largest democratic country. It’s a very beautiful country in the Indian Ocean. Three sides of the country are covered by the Indian Ocean. In the north of India we find the famous Himalayas. India is near to Sri Lanka, Pakistan, China, and Bangladesh. There are 1.2 billion people living in India. This is the second largest populated country in the world.

In ancient times, India was called a Bharath. At that time many kingdoms were ruled by kings in India. In B.C. 3000 India was ruled by Chandra Vamsa. King Ashoka ruled whole of India in B.C. 268. At that time he followed Buddhism. Around 1,500 Portuguese attacked and captured Goa. After 200 years, the British captured the entire of India and ruled it. In 1947, India got independence from the British. Mahatma Gandhi worked hard for this.

There are 29 states in India. The north part of India is very cold and wet. The south side of India is very hot and sunny. In the north side there are white-skinned people who are called Ariyans and they were from Russia around B.C. 2000. Thar is the most famous desert in India. Seerappunchi is a place which has the most rainfall in the world.

Indians enjoy freedom of speech, worship and freedom of press. All citizens have equal rights. India is rich in natural resources, yet her inhabitants are poor. The mineral wealth of the country is unexplored. India is a republic country which is for the people, by the people and from the people.

Maragathakumar Balakumar (Intermediate)