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The Flower

Wordpress_TheepanaFlowers   are very beautiful. Flowers have been important to people since a long time. people loved to grow flower plants in their house gardens. Botanical gardens like Peradeniya and Haggala have a variety of flowers. Natural forests like Sinharaja also have plenty of beautiful flowers. Flowers give fragrance and they beautify the environment. They appeal to everyone. It brightens the day. We use flowers to express our feelings. They are used in religious activities. Buddhists offer flowers to Lord Buddha. Hindus garland their gods with flowers. People use them for decorations. Flower are important during both weddings and funerals. Today flowers have an important source of income. Many varieties of flowers are exported to foreign markets.

                           Fair daffodils, we weep to saw

                            You haste away so soon.

Selling flower plants brings in a good income. Many valuable flowers are endangered. Sometime back the ‘’ Aralias’’ trees were attacked by some fungus. Fungi, pest’s diseases and climatic change are the major threats to flower plants. We should take necessary steps to overcome those threats. People could be encouraged to grow flower plants in their home gardens.

Flowers plants should be looked after well. They should be manured, weeded and watered regular. These are many uses of flowers. A bouquet of flowers is used at weddings. A wreath of flowers is used at funerals. A garland of flowers is used at temples and other activities. A basket of flowers is used in Buddhist temples. People prepare a drink from the shoe flower buds. It is used as a medicine. National flower of Sri Lanka is blue Lilly. They are lakes.

                                   ‘’I love flowers

                                     Flower me appeal

                                     People like flower

                                     All home is flower garden’’

Precautions should be taken to protect flowers from the pests like snails, caterpillars and insets. Flowers are very important. bees drink nectar from the flowers. Flowers are used for garlands, wreaths, bouquets. Some flowers have a medicinal value.

T Theepana