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Wordpress_DinaNirushana“Smile! It irritates those who wish to destroy you.” I read this sentence somewhere and I don’t know where and who wrote it, but it’s something true. A smile is the best thing that comes from humans.

Everyone wants to have a big smile because it has a strong effect on others. It makes others happy and makes them joyful. If a person is in a bad situation, we should greet the person with a smile. The smile will make that person feel better. It will give him courage to face the difficulties. When someone smiles at another person, it creates a positive feeling in the receiver of the smile.

Everybody loves smiling. If a person always smiles, that smile gives a beauty to that person. We will be beautiful if we always smile. Smile is a powerful weapon. Everybody knows that it is the universal sign of happiness, and smile create a connection between people. Everyone has different types of smiles but all smiles send out the same message.

A smile is a way of showing our happiness, love, friendliness and kindness. If a person always smiles, it says that the person is happy or tries to be happy. If a person gets angry with others, then we have to reflect our smile to that person, so it can change the person’s anger.

A smile costs nothing. Then why don’t we just smile? We can make others happy and be happy always.

V. Dina Nirushana (Intermediate)