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Environment Pollution

Wordpress_JashicaThe natural environment is a great gift of our God to human beings. It’s very beautiful. Environment has three parts. They are water, land and air. We get many benefits from our natural environment. Water helps in many ways such as to drink, to wash, to bath, to get electricity, to cook food etc. In many countries people get electricity from water including Sri Lanka. Air gives pure oxygen to animals and plants for breathing. Land helps humans to build many buildings, tube water, to cultivate plants etc.

Today our society is facing many problems. Environment pollution is an important problem of our society. Air is polluted by smoke of vehicles, burning of garbage, usage of CFC gas, atomic bombs and smoke from factories. A man can’t live without water. Water is the most precious gift from nature. But water is polluted by human waste, the waste from homes and factories, throwing garbage of factories into the river and mixing chemicals into the rivers and oceans. Land is polluted by man in many ways. Such as throwing garbage, atomic bombs also the use of polythene and plastic items and artificial fertilizers. Especially deforestation destroys nature.

Due to the environmental pollution our society is facing many problems. Such as different lung and skin diseases, effects of UV-rays, global warming, green house effect, ozone layer damages, draught etc. So we have to protect our environment from these problems. It’s our duty. We should control environmental pollution in many ways. Such as reducing the usage of polythene and plastic items, replanting trees, recycling, reducing the usage of petroleum, making rules for the abuse of the environment etc.

If we take necessary precautions the environment won’t be polluted. It’s our duty to save our environment. Environment is our good friend. So we want to make a strong bond with the environment. When we save our environment, we can live with happiness and free of diseases.

Jashica Charles (Upper Intermediate)