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My Family

Wordpress_RishiyaniMy family is a lovely family. I live in Vavuniya with my family. My father and mother, brother and I are in my family. We have a beautiful house near the Buddhist temple, and a charming beautiful flower garden in front of the house. My father and mother are very nice. My father is a building supervisor. My mother is a teacher. My brother works in an office and continues his higher studies. He is studying computer science.

My mother is a house wife. She gets up at half past five. She does not need an alarm. After she wakes up in the morning, she does many activities in the home. First, she prepares tea. My father takes the tea cups beside the bed and wake us up very softly to drink tea. Then, mother takes about twenty minutes for her to prepare the breakfast. During the exam time she wakes me up at 4.30a.m. Mother cleans the home and the yard. My father leaves home at 10’ clock for work. I am the last to leave home. I go to school by my bicycle.

My father is a calm man. He works hard for the whole family. He never beats us for our careless mistakes. He advises me very nicely. He loves us very dearly. He takes me to the school very carefully and helps to iron my clothes. After I come from school father or brother takes me to tuition class. My brother is very hard working and intelligent. But he is lazy to get up in the morning. Father goes to the supermarket. He buys special buns or hopper, vegetable and meat and also brings news papers, magazines. He reads the newspaper.

Mother prepares delicious meals for lunch on Sunday. We go to the church regularly. In the evening, mother waters the garden and keeps the radio on in the garden. Father and I play badminton on the other side. Sometimes we go for an outing on Sunday. We enjoy watching television.

When I am sick, my parents look after me very much. They lose sleep. My family members are very kind-hearted. They are always ready to help the needy and poor people. My mother helps children to learn the English subject. My father and brother like to help the elders. They like to do social work. I am proud of having such nice parents and a brother. All of them love me very much, and I also love them the same.

M. Rishiyani (Pre-Intermediate)