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Advantages and Disadvantages of the use of mobile Phones

Wordpress_ Sasina Muhammed Razik

In this modern world mobile phones occupy a major part in human life style. Mobile phones have completely changed the way people interact. We can see everywhere that almost all people having and using mobile phones. In our days, students also get the advantages of mobile phones.

 For students, a mobile phone is a great tool to improve their knowledge. For example, if they need any information with regards to any topics they can search for it through mobile phones and within a second they get what they look for. Through these information they can also clear their doubts.

In general there are many advantages people get through mobile phones. People easily communicate with one another anywhere in the world. It helps people to get to know easily about what happens around the world within a second. People also use mobile phones for their entertainment. They play interesting and thrilling computer games. Over a mobile phone people check their finical status in banks. They send and read emails through phones. People are also able to type, edit and read any documents even when they are on the move.

 As we get many advantages from the use of mobile phones we also face many problems and difficulties which can be counted as disadvantages of the use of mobile phones.

Some students and people tend to over use mobile phones. In such cases, they have to face many diseases such as eye diseases, finger diseases and brain diseases. Some students are having a very challenging life because of the availability of many unwanted of websites. Because of the use of unhealthy websites many people are leading a stressful life.

In this world mobile phones are wanted by everyone to lead their lifestyle. Only if we control the use of mobile phones we all can lead a very happy and relaxing life.

   Sasina Muhammed Razik  (Pre-Intermediate)