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My Hobby Is Gardening

Wordpress_ThavamalaOne day, our class teacher explained the usefulness of a home garden. It encouraged me to have a home garden. So, I cleared and tilled a small plot of land behind our house. My parents helped me in my work. My father tilled and leveled the land for me. I was too young to do any hard work. My parents bought books and magazines on gardening. I myself collected many articles on gardening.

I made different beds and planted bitter goat, lady’s fingers, pumpkin and lettuce. I watered them daily. I manured it at different intervals and weeded it regularly. The plants were healthy and their yield was good. I give vegetables from my garden to my mother to cook lunch. I also get a small income from my garden. Every evening I work in my garden.

I have grown many varieties of flowers. Some of them are roses, jasmines, sunflowers and water solders. Many plants are blooming now. They attract butterflies, bees and birds to the garden. I erected a stand to put food and crumbs for birds. There is a bird-bath. You can see birds drinking and bathing throughout the day. I planted some mango trees, jack trees, guava trees and banana trees. So, I get fresh fruits from the garden. It gives me enough exercise for my body. It also keeps me very busy and active. It is indeed a useful past time. I enjoy every minute of my leisure time. I felt proud of my home garden.

V. Thavamala (Intermediate)