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My Enjoyable Weekends

Wordpress_Sachin . CI spend most of my weekends either with my family members or friends. After spending five days of classes and extracurricular activities, I am quite keen on having a relaxing weekend. I prefer lazy weekends than busy weekends because my weekdays are very busy and stressful. In fact, I would like to do relaxing activities during the weekends.

On weekends I wake up very late in the morning. After having a delicious breakfast, I spend two hours at the playground. I am mostly in the net practicing, which helps me to get good batting skills and it helps me to get a good score on matches. After the games, for about two hours, I watch horror movies which really thrills and scares me. Then, I play some interesting video games which make me think a lot. Beside these, I have some hobbies too.

One of my hobbies is collecting stamps. I collect stamps during the weekends. I have a younger brother. I am very much interested in him. So I spend time with my little brother which makes both of us feel good. And then, I have a tasty lunch at home with my family. In the afternoon, I watch a new movie of recent release. In the evening, I visit my friends and we all go for an outing which I really enjoy. Along with my teammates I go to the indoor stadium and play table tennis. This game really helps me to develop my concentration and makes me feel confident about my skills. I go for a walk in the park with my friends and we enjoy ourselves eating ice cream.

Then I have a delicious dinner at home. After dinner, I spend around  two hours on the Internet and social media, like Facebook and Twitter to get some information and to make contact with my distant friends. And then, around eleven o’clock, I go to bed. While in bed, I listen to music which makes me relax and feel free to sleep. These routine activities are the same on Saturdays and Sundays for me. Since my weekdays are demanding, I am really happy to receive my weekends.

Sachin C. (Pre-Intermediate)