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Wordpress_PrinsonKulenthirakumarLove is revolving around the universe by the help of good affection. No one is without affection because every living being mingles with one another by the bridge of a relationship. So such love is celebrated by us with great joy, zeal, and eagerness.

Prominence of Love

Love is the center figure of a relationship. It gives many benefits to our life. If anyone living in the world without love, considers it very essential and prominent. It’s seen as the fuel of a vehicle. Because a vehicle doesn’t function if it doesn’t have fuel, the same thing applies here.

Symbol of Affection

Predecessors are saying that “Mother is symbol of affection.” A mother’s affection is unlimited. It is fulfilled between two persons, two animals or two insects. According to my point of view, affection is dominating everywhere and anywhere.

Varieties of Affection

Everyone has limitations in this world such limitations differentiate from one to another. How can we identify varieties of affection? Affection is the only basis for a good relationship except for other aspects also along with the affection. Those are love, friendship, and respect. All things are different from one another depending on the meter of affection.

Lot of Chaos Mingled with Affection

With affection falling also comes. Because it has happened in every life. Every transformation comes along with our desire. No desire causes confusion to enter in every life. We have to solve that with the help of intelligence. When we don’t have affection, we are afraid to solve the problems. We will achieve a lot by the help of love

Deepest understanding

By the help of good understanding we can solve all the problems raised in our relationship. A great bond will be damage by some problems. So, we must avoid those through good understanding between one another. So, deepest understanding is the only solution to clean all the chaos.


“Nobody can decide our life because we are the creator and we are the deciding person.” So, we want to live in the world without problems with the high prosperity and extreme pleasure.

Prinson Kulenthirakumar (Pre-Intermediate)