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Good Manners

Wordpress_DanushaSanthakumarGood manners are very important for our life. They make our life smooth and easy. Good manners make a successful life. They bring sunshine to our life. Man is different from animals because than have manners. When we have good manners our life becomes meaningful. Our parents, family and teachers will be happy to see good manners practiced by us. Good manners bring smooth relationships to people. They are a form of good breeding. Good manners are also important. When we are in the company of our friends or someone, we should speak clearly, loudly, and politely.

Some Good Manners to Follow:

  • Say “thank you” for anything from somebody.
  • Say “please” when requesting for something.
  • Knock on the door to enter another’s bedroom.
  • Respect your elders, parents, and teachers.
  • When you make some mistakes, say “sorry.”
  • Say “hello” properly.
  • We should listen carefully.
  • Apologize for your mistakes.

These are some of examples for good manners. So we should have all these good manners. They help us to serve humankind in a better way any apply good manners to our lives.

Danusha Santhakumar (Pre-Intermediate)