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Why People Fight

Wordpress_PreminiI have been waiting for a new world because this world is not peaceful and calm. One day I went to the world of animals. I said “I want a place, please give me!” they asked me:

Who are you?

Are you an animal? “No”.

Do you live in water? “No”

Do you come from another planet? “No”

Are you an alien? “No, No,” I said.

“I am human.”

All the animals looked at me and they said to me, “you are dangerous, please leave us.”

I don’t know why they ignored me. We too came from an animal. So why? After that I found the reason. Because I am a human being. The humans are very dangerous. Although we come from the animals, we are more than a mere animal. We are animals with the capacity to think and reason. But we fight with others like children. Because the children do not have any reason for their fight.

The earth was created by God. It is the only place for our survival. All living things have the right to live in a place on Earth. At the same time, God gave many valuable gifts for us. That is “love.” God desires every human to live with other living beings in their environment. But, humans often ignore it. People are selfish. They think about only their personal needs. They never think and understand other’s needs.

People are different from one another. Human behavior is also different. People have been fighting and killing others for different reasons–Skin colour, religion, economic reasons, cast, race, language, social issues. There are many things that cause fights and killings. In the future, people will fight for food and water.

Our planet is so colourful. We can see lot of colours: red, blue, green, white, etc. At the same time, our blood is red. It is the same in all humans. Black and white people do not have different colours of blood. God did not create and divide white people from black people. So, the colours are not the problem for love and peace. We should see each other like sisters and brothers.

There are different religions and cultures in the world. Every society has unique and specific cultures and religions and morals. At the same time, every religion has a specific god. God Siva, lord Buddha, god Allah and Jesus Christ. These gods said, “All humans came from me. They should love each other and save the world for our future generation.” All the religions teach us not to fight with other religions. But, some are fighting to show that they are more powerful than others. We know that God has the supreme power. It may be God Siva, lord Buddha, Allah or Jesus. They are powerful, but they did not fight with each other. All the gods say, “Do not fight, this world is not permanent. So, be calm and love all things.” But, people fight to show whose god has the supreme power. But, all gods have one supreme power. That is love.

We want to talk with others. Every race has a particular language. We need to protect the languages and races. Because, many races and languages are destroyed by wars. In Sri Lanka there are two major races and languages. Tamils and Sinhalese. We was fought over 30 years. The reason for this war was that people did not respect and understand each other. But, in India, there are more than 100 languages. They did not fight because of language differences.

The main thing is that the world has become globalized. The world population has increased and the needs have rapidly increased. But, resources are limited. This imbalance, created by the globalized world, leads to competition and fights with each other. I am sure that in the future people will fight for food and water because humans are destroying the natural environment.

Fighting is not the correct way to solve problem. God did not give anyone the right to kill other people. We should know about the secret of love. Love never ends. I want to live in a peaceful place and I am waiting for the new world. If the mind of people change, then the world will change too.

Premini Karunanithy (Intermediate)