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Sports and Games

Wordpress_JenusiyaYogarasaSports and games are very important for a healthy life. We must either work hard or do sports and games for physical exercise. They help to develop both body and mind. We can make our body strong by giving it exercise. A strong and healthy body helps to keep our minds healthy and fit.

Some games like netball, cricket, and volleyball give us practice. They make our eyes, brain, and muscles work together and they help us learn how to work as a team.

When we play the games, sometimes we win a match or lose a match. Winning or losing is not important. What is important is playing our point well and following the rules. Doing our duty is the most important thing. We must learn to take victory and defeat equally. Then, we can face the ups and downs in our life like sportsman.

Games provide us a wonderful opportunity.

Jenusiya Yogarasa (Pre-Intermediate)