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Singing Fish: The Story Behind the Brand

Wordpress_JashicaCharlesThis bridge named as “Kallady Bridge,” in Batticaloa, is famous for singing fishes that raise distinct musical sound resembling a plucked guitar during the nights of the full moon April to September. This music is clearly heard from the lagoon waters in this area along the Kallady Bridge. The mysterious music is attributed to a noise emanated from some form of a marine life found in the lagoon.

The bridge was built across the Batticaloa Lagoon in 1924 during the British rule. It was then named Lady Manning Bridge in honour of the wife of William Manning, the British Governor for Ceylon. This was the oldest and longest iron bridge in Srilanka with a length of nearly 0.3 km.

There is an interesting community in Batticaloa. The Batticaloa Burghers’ heritage dates back to the times of the Portuguese and Dutch. Their languages, music and dance still reflect that same heritage. The Batticaloa lagoon offers a perfect view of the Indian Ocean and such travelers can entertain multi-faceted backgrounds at Batticaloa Kallady Beach located nearby is a popular attraction among the diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. Batticaloa is a time worth visiting and if one is able to hear the “singing fish” then they have truly experienced the life of Batticaloa.

Jashica Charles (Intermediate)